How to Clean a Camera Lens? + 10 Best Lens and Camera Cleaning Kits

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Having a dirty camera lens is an ache. Not solely does it guarantee frustration relating to photographing a scene, it provides further time through the modifying stage.
Some issues could be horrific if not handled instantly, leading to you forking out more cash for a brand new camera lens as an alternative to studying how one can clear a digicam lens. A sew-in time, guys.
Right here, we provide you with all the data on what Camera Lens cleansing kits you want. On prime of this, we’ll inform you how one can clear a digicam lens professionally, making it appear new once more.


How To Clear a Digital camera Lens

Why Clear It

A photo of a race care driving through sand emitting dust clouds behind him

It doesn’t matter what field of photography you end up in, mud will all the time discover a method into your camera lens. The longer you personal a lens means the possibilities for (and quantity of) mud are greater. Even if you’re essentially the most cautious photographer, mud will often make its method in there.

It isn’t such an enormous deal, as it’s simply handled. Smudges are a distinct matter. Mud might not even be noticeable on the photographs you seize, whereas oily fingerprints can strip a picture of its sharp focus. It’s like that undesirable Instagram filter that you would be able to’t change.


A DSLR camera resting on the sand at the beach - how to clean camera lens

First issues first. Don’t clear your digicam lenses in the event that they don’t want it. Your digicam gear has particular coatings and chemical compounds used within the manufacturing and upkeep of mentioned piece. Lenses and sensors are on the prime of the checklist.

You possibly can put on these away with extreme cleansing. You additionally permit for additional issues, corresponding to scratches, as your lens is open to the elements once more. Retailer it in a digicam bag with the camera lens cap on to minimise the issues.
Avoid acetone.

This can be a nice cleansing fluid, however when used on cameras, it has adversarial results on the plastic and paint components. Simply don’t use it. Identical goes for family glass or window cleansing liquid. It isn’t price saving cash, to then spend it on a brand new lens.

Additionally, if you happen to launch your camera lens to sand (unintentionally dropped) then under no circumstances, form or type do you have to wipe a fabric over it. It will trigger everlasting injury. Begin with a blower, for instance, or move it on to an expert. There may be solely a lot you are able to do.

It’s also price noting that different camera lenses imply completely different chemical compounds. A number of the chemical compounds talked about within the cleansing kits are probably not appropriate in your camera lens or gear. Test along with your model or consultant first.

Maintain your microfibre cloths in an hermetic and clear container. Test them first for any filth or mud you could be putting again in your lens. Shake them first, and work with small quantities of stress, build up if wanted.

Course of

Viewfinder – In the event you discover spots whenever you look via your viewfinder, clear the viewfinder first. A microfibre fabric could also be sufficient. You possibly can discover the marks are there, and never truly in your lens.
Lens Physique + Hood – Begin by cleansing the lens physique and hood with a humid microfibre fabric. I’ve used q-tips to take away built-up filth and dirt in arduous to achieve areas, such because the handbook/auto focus swap.
Toothbrushes additionally work, particularly for the rubber focus or zoom rings. Simply be certain they’re clear first.
Cleansing Answer on Lens – Apply to a fabric, not on to the lens. This might trigger beads of cleansing liquid to enter the lens. Wipe in concentric circles, as this reduces streaks. Work from the centre out, as this pushes the particles nearer to the sting. Don’t apply an excessive amount of stress, as this might result in scratches or smudging, a a lot worse downside.
Cleansing the Lens Mount – Rub the lens mount with the identical damp fabric. This ensures the digital data passes alongside accurately. Maintain a watch out for filth and grease which may be current.
Rear Optical Ingredient – Begin with the air blower, as some particles or filth could possibly be abrasive. Then, use a dry fabric (unused) to scrub smudges and dirt away. For the glass components, attempt to preserve your microfibre cloths in an hermetic container. At all times verify them for filth first.
A close up photo of cleaning a camera lens with a micro fibre cloth - how do you clean a camera lens

Cleansing the Mirror

The filth could also be discovered in your mirror, not your camera lens. It’s going to nonetheless have an effect on your picture’s high quality regardless. The mirror is extra delicate and costly to switch or repair. It’s the primary half our camera lens is constructed around. This means professionals must take your digicam aside absolutely to get to it.

Clearly, it’s good to take away the camera lens to get to the mirror, hidden inside. Don’t use an air blower right here, because the mud is unlikely to go away the realm. Begin with the lens pen, shifting from prime to backside to take away the particles. You’re aiming to get the mud out. If the mud or marks are nonetheless there, use the digicam sensor cleaner.

  1. Seize a sensor swab and utilizing the air blower on a couple of occasions. This removes any odd items of lint that may be caught.
  2. Add three drops max of the answer to the tip of the swab. Oversaturating the swab will go away with streaks on the sensor.
  3. With nice care place the swab onto one aspect of the sensor. With not an excessive amount of power, gently transfer the swab throughout the sensor in a single easy movement. Once you get to the opposite aspect, flip the swab over and repeat the method ranging from the place you began. Once more, in a single easy motion with no nice power.
  4. At this stage, I exploit a loupe and examine the sensor to see if I can see if the mud has gone. In case you are unsure, flip off the digicam, substitute the camera lens and take a check shot to examine for mud.
  5. In the event you see some mud stays, repeat the method. You will need to use one other clear new swab.
A close up of a camera lens on dark background - how to clean a camera lens

Cleansing Kits

10. UES APS-C Frame (CCD/CMOS) Digital Camera Sensor Cleaning Kit

UES APS-C Frame (CCD/CMOS) Digital Camera Sensor Cleaning Kit

You utilize this to scrub your sensor and/or mirror. Personally, I wouldn’t believe myself scrubbing the sensor. The mirror, nevertheless, is straightforward sufficient.
Apply a couple of drops of the answer to the swab, and apply in a single movement to your mirror. Repeat this on as many occasions as it’s good too.

This stuff are a bit costlier, however every individually packed swab is assembled and positioned in a clear room. So, there’s no likelihood of any mud being on them to scratch the sensor.

9. Delkin SensorScope System

The SensorScope system is a helpful method to clear on the go. It is available in its personal pouch, to take alongside in your travels far and large. What’s particular about this equipment, is it offers you a loupe for inspecting your sensor. It additionally comes with the answer too.
The equipment contains:

  • A Sensor Scope Inspection Gadget,
  • A SensorBulb Air Blower,
  • 1 0.25 oz. Bottle of Sensor Answer,
  • 15 16mm Sensor Secure Wands,
  • 1 Cleansing Fabric,
  • 1 Cleansing Information
  • Journey Bag
Delkin SensorScope System - clean camera lens kit

8. Carson Stuff-It Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Carson Stuff-It Microfiber Cleaning Cloths - lens cleaning kit

The Carson Stuff-It is a magic cleansing fabric, and it comes with its personal pouch. It will assist it keep clear for its subsequent utilization. It additionally comes with a hook, excellent for attaching to your bag for straightforward entry.

7. Dust-Off Professional Compressed Gas

A packet of 6 bottles of Falcon Dust-Off Professional Compressed Gas

Utilizing a compressed fuel Dust-Off is a well-liked cleansing technique amongst photographers.  Nonetheless, these fuel dusters shouldn’t be used carelessly, as a result of they will trigger quite a lot of injury. Don’t use in your lens mount or glass components.
You need to use it to scrub the skin of your lens and digicam to maintain mud away. Use in brief bursts to make sure you don’t injury your gear.

6. ROR Optical Lens Cleaner 2 Oz Spray Bottle

ROR Optical Lens Cleaner 2 Oz Spray Bottle on white background

Put a drop or two on a pad, after which clear from the middle of the lens outward in a round movement. Throw out the camera lens tissue after use. This received’t go away with any streaks, however, it’s going to give your lens a deeper clear than only a microfiber fabric.

5. Zeiss Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes

A four photo grid showing how to clean a camera lens with the Zeiss Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes

In the event you discover the microfibre fabric simply doesn’t minimize it, it’s time to drag out the large weapons. A clear microfiber fabric will do a great job as a camera lens cleansing tissue, however you then reapply mud you caught beforehand. You possibly can wash them, and preserve them sealed away.
For security and comfort, you could be higher off utilizing a disposable wipe, such because the Zeiss lens cleaning wipes.

4. Lenspen SensorKlear Loupe Kit

The Lenspen SensorKlear is a superb alternative. The equipment contains:

  • A devoted sensor-cleaning brush from LensPen
  • An air blower for knocking off unfastened mud
  • A particular loupe that can assist you see and spot the problematic bits of mud. As I mentioned earlier, I’m a bit nervous about having a reusable cleansing device for the sensor itself, however the different two components of the equipment appear to be worthy investments.
Lenspen SensorKlear Loupe Kit on white background - how to clean camera lens

The loupe, specifically, could possibly be extraordinarily helpful, and you may in all probability mix it with different cleansing strategies to just be sure you get all of the spots and specks.

3. Dust Free Clean Air Blower

It’s your first alternative for blowing off little particles out of your camera lenses. It’s extremely light, so you haven’t any likelihood of smudging the lens. This tool comes with two sides, a snout for precision and a much bigger blower for wider areas.

Dust Free Clean Air Blower - camera lens cleaning kit

2. LensPen NLP-1

On one finish you have a pleasant little brush for knocking away unfastened particles, and on the opposite, you might have a carbon-charged felt tip. The carbon finish absorbs oil and different particles which will have settled in your lens.
After ending, re-cap the little beast, and it recharges the carbon for you. They’re easy to make use of and sufficiently small to hold wherever you go.

The LensPen NLP-1 for how to clean camera lens

1. Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit

The skilled pack has all of it. That is for primary, but thorough method how one can clear a digicam lens. It’s possible you’ll have to buy sensor cleaners individually, however this equipment, in our opinion, offers you precisely what you want at an amazing worth.
The equipment contains:

  • MagicFiber Microfiber
  • Contents: Cleaner Bottle, Camera Lens Cleansing Pen, Lens Brush, Air Blower Cleaner, Cleansing Sheets, Cleansing Cloths
The Altura Photo Professional Lens Cleaning Kit on white background

And there you might have it. All the required instruments and data on how one can clear digicam lens and preserve your digicam and lenses in prime form, and ensure there’s no mud particles or different annoyances in your images.

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