Leica M10 Review 2021, Best Review of Leica M10

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My enthusiasm for Leica M10 stems from the movie model of the rangefinder, the M6 produced by Leica all through the 80s. I linked with this digital camera and used it for a lot of commissions. My corporate photography taken with the Leica movie cameras impressed me to develop a fairly intensive assortment of their lenses over time, which proved to be beautiful funding.

As a result of the mannequin new world of digital footage gathered tempo, my use of the bigger cameras produced by Canon and later Sony offered good ends in the early years of digital footage. Then Leica entered the digital area. Initially with the Leica M8 after which M9, which had been good nonetheless not prime time for industrial work in my opinion.

Nonetheless, most of nowadays, the Leica M10 digital cameras modified my viewpoint. Notably, this mannequin has a similar slim physique because of the outdated movie cameras, a particularly usable excessive ISO, and the trendy picture high-quality of a 24-megapixel sensor.

Let’s see how this timeless piece of development holds on all through the present market.

Leica M10 with 50mm Noctilux close up
An illustration of the Leica M10 digital digital digital camera with 50mm Noctilux lens by Piranha Photographs

Overview of the Leica M10

The Leica M10 is a digital full-frame rangefinder digital camera physique with a tunnel-type optical viewfinder and a particular design. It comes with no lens, solely a digital digital digital camera physique, strap, battery, and charger—simplicity at its largest. 

There’s not a geared lens as such, and it’s a separate buy. Leica lenses are among the many many many costliest throughout the market – nonetheless, they’re terribly high-quality.

The Leica M10 isn’t appropriate for everybody. For the remaining, it’s a breath of up-to-date air, as a consequence of its robustness and compact simplicity. The ‘info every little issue’ ethos of the digital digital digital camera makes you focus and work for each picture.

To these days, on a press determine or PR occasion, when fully completely different photographers see my Leica M10, there’s a double-take or instantaneous curiosity even a rolling of eyes to fully completely different colleagues. 

Come espresso break, and all people huddles spherical to see the photographs. The dialogue begins.

‘How do the colors look so good with no coloration strong?’

‘You shoot at f/1.4 on an skilled shoot? That sounds so dangerous…’

It goes on.

Who Is the Leica M10 For?

One stumbles when selecting the best photographer for a digital camera. Nonetheless, with this one, it’s fairly straightforward. 

The Leica M10 shines brightest with professional photographers. Be it occasions, street-life, documentaries, fantastic arts, or conceptual pictures, it’s laborious to disregard the decadence and precision of this digital camera. 

There’s no denying that Leica is an expensive model. Nonetheless contemplate this: even correct this second, quite a few the manufacturing line is hand-crafted. The judgment of tolerances depends solely on the professional human eye. Nonetheless, questioning why a Leica far outlives its rivals? 

Nonetheless, is the Leica M10 acceptable for budding photographers? It’s dependent upon the easiest way you check out it. It’s straightforward to see that it’s one among many higher-priced cameras accessible available on the market. The Leica M10 is a 35mm full-frame digital camera. 

Nonetheless, it justifiably prices larger than digital medium format cameras much like the Hasselblad X1D II 50C and the Fujifilm GFX 50S. Inside the precise palms, it creates spellbinding images. Added to that, the Leica M10 is just not shy. With its faux crocodile-covering and the ostrich-skin strap, it’s a bit little bit of paintings. Holding it,

I can’t assist nonetheless take into consideration I’m the subsequent Cartier-Bresson all through the making. Investing in a digital digital digital camera is exemplary because the Leica M10 evokes you to do what it takes to get there.

Collection of Leica cameras. Leica M10, Leica M240, Leica M6
Our assortment of Leica cameras. Picture by Piranha Photographs

Key Decisions

So what makes this digital digital digital camera so specific? 

Lately, image firms and nationwide newspaper image editors have commented about my submitted footage. Notably, what digital digital digital camera I used to be utilizing. This actually not occurred after I used fully completely different cameras earlier than I returned to Leica in 2015.

So, let’s dive appropriate into the info that make this digital digital digital camera distinctive.

Mount and Compatibility

Many photographers desire a easy, compact high-quality digital camera with rugged info controls. 

The Leica M mount hasn’t modified for years, so there are quite a few lenses from Leica, Voigtlander, and Zeiss and excellent, generally very quick nonetheless compact, and will match all budgets. 

There could possibly be the revenue too {{{that a}}} cheaper uncoated lens from the ’60s will match and have an extraordinarily sought-after primary look nowadays.

Voigtlander and Zeiss make constructive lenses, notably the distinctive Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 nonetheless they do are sometimes bodily bigger and have a particular coloration profile to Leica. It’s worth sticking to 1 model within the occasion that they’re to be confirmed facet by facet or half of a lot greater enterprise. 

New producers are furthermore now making lenses for the Leica M household reminiscent of 7artisans and TT artisans who current a helpful vary and at very modest costs. 

All lenses for the Leica M10 are bodily fairly a bit smaller than their counterpart all through the autofocus world, all of them really actually really feel regular nonetheless and the engineering is elegant, nothing rattles, wobbles or is in any means flimsy. 

Photograph of 21mm Super Elmar, 35mm F1.4 Summilux, 90mm APO Summicron, 50mm Noctilux, 15mm Voigtlander and 35mm F2 Summicron
Our assortment of Leica lenses. Picture by Piranha Photographs


The mount is small at 44mm and the flange is barely 27.8mm. This does make for a small digital camera and regardless of the very small flange distance, [how close the rear of the lens is to the sensor], every little issue has been calibrated to work collectively in order that the corners of a picture maintain sharp.

Sensor and Picture Top of the range

Leica wouldn’t win the color or bit depth race in distinction with the newest Nikon, Fuji, Sony or Canon nonetheless the images do have an extraordinarily taking part in 3D high-quality that’s laborious to pin down. 

A mix of lens geometry and glass is totally matched to the rangefinder physique, so there’s considerably or no flare, chromatic aberration, or smearing of the photographs on the sides. The 21mm f/3.4 Tremendous Elmar lens from Leica, for instance, is by far the suitable wide-angle I’ve ever used. 

I’ve tried Leica lenses on fully completely different producers with fairly a number of adaptors nonetheless the mojo merely isn’t there, it requires the right lens/sensor geometry for the magic to occur.

The Leica M10 encompasses a 5952 x 3968 willpower. 24 megapixels permit for an excessive quantity of cropping with no lack of top of the range. Its breadth of 13-stop dynamic vary can put the issue as soon as extra into clouds (when capturing RAW in any case) and the modifying capabilities are limitless.

The ISO can go rocketing to 50,000, which is unimaginable nonetheless don’t anticipate an excessive amount of issue at most diploma. An ISO 12,500 is a brilliant day after day prohibit. At very excessive ISOs and by that I point out above 12,500, there is also noticeable noise. 

The sensor’s noise is also similar to movie grain, so not unattractive. Nonetheless, I choose utilizing quick prime lenses (ideally over f/1.4) in low delicate comparatively than bumping up the ISO.

The Leica M10 can shoot RAW or JPEG nonetheless its true high-quality comes out when capturing uncompressed.

A girl photographed with a Leica M10
This road portrait taken on London’s South financial institution shows the M10’s excellent picture high-quality with no distortion or edge blur. Picture by Douglas Fry.

For tempo on a press determine, nonetheless, I choose to shoot RAW and JPEG concurrently so a PR agency or newspaper determined for pictures can get the info on the spot, nonetheless, most are cozy to attend for the considerably higher processed RAW information following an hour or lots a lot much less water.

Twilight portrait with Leica M10 and Noctilux at 0.95
The M10 selections a particular dynamic vary and film high-quality. The picture was shot with Leica 50mm F0.95 Noctilux lens by Douglas Fry.

Focusing and Burst

Focusing is totally info on the Leica M10. The technique is also very intuitive even when rushed or flustered. 

It’s the potential to shoot in fairly a number of methods. You may select between ‘Common Burst’ and ‘Dwell View’. All through the latter setting, you need to use the present on as soon as extra of the digital digital digital camera as a viewfinder. A rotation of the lens barrel makes the picture zoom in mechanically. Nonetheless, this setting is an enormous drain on the battery, so keep a number of spares in your pocket. 

Handbook focusing is a singular side on a rangefinder. To focus, it’s advisable to align two small picture patches all through the middle of the viewfinder. Rotate the focusing barrel on the lens, and the patches swap from left to appropriate. When the patches align the picture is in focus. Even in low delicate or with low distinction issues, line up these small focus patches and shoot!

Picture framing on the Leica M10 might be crucial to notice. The physique strains seem each time you place a lens on the digital digital digital camera, nonetheless, every lens has its non-public matter of view. As an illustration, a wide-angle lens might have physique strains that attain the perimeters of the viewfinder. 

Xi Jinping at St James’ Palace London show with a Leica M10
A exactly uncovered and targeted picture of Xi Jinping at St James’ Palace London. It straightforward to tug off with out excessive burst charges. An impressive event of Leica’s ease of use. Picture by Douglas Fry.


This is usually a bonus as elements about to stroll into your physique shall be seen prematurely. It’s one motive why so many road photographers use rangefinder cameras. 

The digital camera can shoot RAW pictures at a 5 fps burst cost when utilizing the common burst attribute. It’s fairly frequent by DSLR requirements, nonetheless, this digital camera was actually not imagined to compete with cameras used for sports activities actions. 

For road and documentary options these selections on the diploma. In any state of affairs, there’s a decisive second and it’s additional environment nice merely to be prepared for that second, and cut back all that post-shoot modifying time.

Physique and Dealing with

The rangefinder physique kind of Leicas has not modified for years. The Leica M10‘s bodily controls are logical, easy, and provide the right quantity of resistance. The menu is reduced and dry. There normally usually are not any ‘Panorama’, ‘Sport’, or ‘Smile Detection’ modes. The controls are straightforward to vary whereas the digital digital digital camera is at your eye. Every half is also very tactile.

The physique is fairly efficiently native climate sealed. Whereas I wouldn’t need to face a downpour, it’s in a position to get moist and maintain unscathed.

Leica M240 with the 90mm APO Summicron.
An illustration of the flawless design and assemble high-quality of our Leica digital camera. Picture by Piranha Photographs

The digital camera itself could possibly be heavier than you imagined it could possibly be. The Leica M10 is 139 x 39 x 80 mm (5.47 x 1.54 x 3.15″) and weighs in at 660g. It has a gentle ‘heft’ each time you address it, there is also nothing flimsy or plasticky, it merely feels sturdy and fairly military-grade in its dealing with.

The dealing with is exclusive nonetheless matches all through the hand merely and comfortable over an extended day. The bodily controls are logical, easy, and provide the right quantity of resistance. 

The digital digital digital camera’s buttons are easy and intuitive. These embody a ‘Play’ button to evaluate pictures, and a ‘Menu’ to enter the required settings. You may set menu choices to look instantly for fast entry. These embody: 

  • Format (to format the SD card);
  • Lens Detection (set to ‘Auto’ if utilizing non-Leica lenses); and
  • Date and Time (to verify the clock is precise so my cameras all sync up their pictures).

Although presumably a considerably little bit of an acquired mannequin, the Leica M10 is the newest and largest in a chronic line of rangefinder cameras. These cameras are weapons-grade of their development. They provide beautiful lenses and full info autonomy. 

I carry this digital camera in all places, one issue I actually not did all through the years of Canon and Sony, as for me they’d been solely gadgets. Leica rangefinders although, in all their handcrafted glory, have a soul. 

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